The centre is located in Aussois, see here (Google Maps).

The closest airport is Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS), though Turin (TRN) can also be an interesting option. From there, you can reach Modane by train, see below for instructions.

The closest train station is Modane. You can buy train tickets for example on Trainline. Note that there are some direct trains between the airport LYS and Modane, but only few of them. Otherwise, you can easily reach Chambéry from the airport LYS and then take a train from Chambéry to Modane. For transportation from both airports, the options seems to be quite limited so please check before buying the flight tickets. For late arrivals it is worth manually checking connections through Grenoble, as they do not seem to be well detected by Trainline.

Note that a ticket for a "TER" train is also valid for any TER train of that day for the same route, with no alteration needed.

We will organize a couple of free shuttles with the Modane train station on Sunday evening and Friday afternoon, at fixed times (4.25pm and 8.25pm on Sunday, 12.30 on Friday). For other arrivals or departures, participants will be encouraged to book taxis, see below.

For those of you who cannot or do not want to take a shuttle, here is a list of a couple of taxi companies that can make the transfer between Aussois and Modane:
- Taxi Donadio: +33 6 08 99 10 13 ( They are supposed to speak english according to their webpage.
- Taxi Alpes Cosi: +33 6 31 55 82 71 (
- Taxi Fellman: +33 6 08 40 34 60