Our colleague Frédéric Maffray suddenly passed away last summer. We are organizing a scientific conference to pay homage to Frédéric. The conference will take place in Grenoble from 2-4 September, one year after his passing.

Frédéric Maffray was a researcher in discrete mathematics and held the position of “directeur de recherche” with the CNRS. He authored more than 125 scientific articles, published in international journals at the highest level. He collaborated with nearly a hundred researchers of all nationalities. His research focus was graph theory, notably the study of structural properties of graphs (perfect graphs and more generally graphs characterized by forbidden subgraphs) that permit the efficient resolution of classic optimization problems such as graph coloring. Frédéric was a member of the Combinatorial Optimization team at the G-SCOP laboratory and was a CNRS researcher in Grenoble since 1990. He was one of the most productive and esteemed graph theorists in France.

This conference, open to all and without registration fees, will reunite his colleagues to celebrate the significant scientific contribution of Frédéric Maffray as well as his remarkable personal qualities. The program will consist of invited presentations delivered by his collaborators, former students and close colleagues. Some highly renowned graph theorists have already confirmed their participation: András Gyárfás, Bruce Reed, etc.

Organizing Committee:
Nicolas Bousquet, Louis Esperet, Benjamin Lévêque, Alantha Newman, Myriam Preissmann, András Sebő, Matej Stehlik, Zoltán Szigeti, Nicolas Trotignon