This is a tentative schedule, don't hesitate if you have questions, remarks, or if you need less or more time for your talk (we counted 30 minutes for every talk for which the speaker didn't precise the time he or she needed)

Thursday 16th

The talks will be in Amphi Gosse.

9am-12am a room (C219) will be available for people who want to work/discuss, otherwise we can go on the top of La Bastille if the weather is nice.

12am-2pm lunch (sandwiches and soft drinks)

2pm Jayme Szwarcfiter - Some Results Related to Graph Convexity
2:30pm Kristina Vušković - Combinatorial optimization algorithms for hereditary graph classes
3:20pm Benjamin Lévêque - Paths, trees and asteroids

3:50pm coffee break

4:20pm Sulamita Klein - Graph Sandwich Problems
4:50pm Nicolas Trotignon - Perfect graphs, many old things and several new things
5:20pm Mourad Baïou - On a connection between facility location and perfect graphs
5:50pm Luerbio Faria - A graphic story of Celina's supervisions

Friday 17th

The talks will be in Amphi C.

9:15am Stéphan Thomassé - Coloring Dense graphs via VC-dimension
10am Annegret Wagler - Computing graph parameters for superclasses of perfect graphs

10:30am coffee break

11am Frédéric Maffray - On b-colorings
11:30am Celina de Figueiredo - Complexity-separating graph classes for vertex, edge and total coloring

12am lunch at restaurant "Le Petit Paris", 2 cours Jean Jaurès

2pm Cláudia Linhares Sales - Greedy coloring, b-coloring and a-coloring in graphs with fews P4's
2:30pm Frédéric Havet - Greedy colouring products of graphs

3:15pm coffee break

3:30pm Dieter Rautenbach - On Reversible and Irreversible Conversions
4pm Chính Hoàng - k-colorability of P5-free graphs in polynomial time
4:30pm Vašek Chvátal - A de Bruijn - Erdős theorem in metric spaces