The meeting will take place in the campus of University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble. The campus is accessible by several tramway lines (in less than 20 minutes) from the center of Grenoble. Despite the proximity of mountains, the city of Grenoble itself is very flat, and you can cycle along the river to join the campus from the center of Grenoble. The best place to rent a bike for the week is Metrovelo, beneath the train station. The price is 3 euros per day, or 20 euros per month (15 euros if you are a student under 26).

Please note that (exceptionally) the public transportation network in Grenoble will be free on Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29 (due to the launching of a new tram line)! Therefore, you do not need to buy any transportation tickets for these days. Your registration material will include a ticket that can be used on the public transport from Monday to Friday.

See here for the location of the conference on google maps, and here for an annotated map.


Grenoble is located near the Alps, in the southeastern part of France.

By train

The city is 3h away from Paris and 1h away from Lyon. You can purchase your tickets online on the official website of the French Railways, or via the Capitaine Train website. The second site offers some interesting features, especially if you buy your tickets from abroad (in particular, you don't need to have a credit card with you when you withdraw your ticket in a train station)

By plane

  • The closest international airport is Lyon - St Exupéry (LYS), and there are shuttles connecting the airport and Grenoble train station every hour (the trip takes 1h05 and the return ticket costs 34.50 euros).
  • You might also consider Geneva Airport (GVA), which is also connected to Grenoble by regular shuttles (the trip takes 2h15 and the return ticket costs 63 euros) and by the train.
  • You can also land in Paris (Orly (ORY) or Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport, and take a train to Grenoble, via Lyon. This takes 3h40-4h, depending on how long you have to wait in Lyon).

Note that Air France-KLM offers a discount for participants of the conference. To purchase your tickets, please go here.

Air France-KLM

By car

The GPS coordinates of the conference location are 45°11'37.7"N 5°46'07.2"E.

We advise you to book your hotel room as soon as you can, since at this time of the year hotels are usually full. See this page for a list of hotels on the campus and downtown, and student accommodation on the campus.

If you have any question related to your travel, do not hesitate to contact us at